What I learned from a horse today.

I brought a client to see a horse today.  The horse had just moved to a new home and was not used to it yet.  I thought the client would learn something from the horse, but the horse ended up learning from the client.  It seemed like the horse knew that the client was a little leery about being around such a large animal.  Yet, the horse before we got there was a little scared of his new environment and was not a very happy camper.  When we arrived, he met my client and it was like my client had an instant calming affect on the horse.  Both met each other and reached out to each other and calmed themselves down.  It was beautiful to see both of them work together and learn to feel comfortable with each other.  What I learned was that a horse needs a little help sometimes too and what helps them are the same things that help us — someone who can understand them and can show they care.

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