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I wanted to write a brief note of thanks here to David. This past year was a challenging one for me. Battling depression, a failed marriage and uncertainty about what to do next in my life, David was the first therapist I had worked with who ever gave me confidence that things were going to be OK. His calm, laid-back yet thoughtful approach to our sessions worked! My life is finally moving forward and I owe a debt of gratitude to David for helping me find my path. Life will continue to have it's ups-and-downs, but I am better equipped now to cope with them.


I met Dave when I was in middle school and he helped me in one of my worst times with severe anxiety by providing me with a calm counseling office and showed me some methods to keep myself calm. He was a great counselor at my school always helped everybody if they were feeling sad, anxious, and angry. He also treated each and everyone of his students as they were his friends joking with them and not treating them as subjects that he's just helping for the money. He also used to host these adventure camps during summer and take some kids from the school up to the mountains to fish, hike, rock climb, and zip line, I had a great time. Out of any school I've been to he was by far the best counselor!

M. D.   

I am currently junior in college working towards a bachelors degree in physics. I had David Miller as my school counselor for 6 years, middle school through high school, and I can safely say that I would not be where I am today without his help. When I first met Dave I struggled with severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression and had failed miserable in public school. The new school was still difficult for me at first, but Dave helped to create a comfortable, virtually stress free work environment. He helped me work through extremely difficult times and come out stronger. When I first started school with Dave, I could barely take a test due to severe anxiety blocking my mind. Now I am currently majoring in physics and minoring in mathematics. With the tools Dave helped me develop during my high school career, I have overcome all of the issues that paralyzed me in the past. I no longer have issues with depression and my bipolar symptoms are virtually gone. But, most importantly for me, I have the tools necessary to beat back my anxiety and accomplish goals that would have otherwise seemed impossible. I am even planning on proceeding to graduate school to get my masters in astrophysics and hopefully someday land a job at NASA doing planetary research. David is extremely wise and has been an invaluable asset to me. I strongly believe he can be as helpful as he was for me, with anyone else who struggles with difficulties in their life.

L M   

I recently went through a hypnotherapy session with David Miller. I can tell you up front that I was very skeptical about the validity of this type of treatment. I have a counseling background and it never seemed like "real work". I went with an open mind, however, admitting that I don't know everything.

The results blew me a way. The session was very relaxing and felt like guided meditation. Afterwards, I felt more relaxed and calm than I can every remember feeling. This "calm" has stayed with for weeks now and I can access it easily.

I'm astounded at how much change can occur in just one session. If you think you know what this is about, you are probably wrong like I was. Try it with an open mind.

J. D.   

David Miller was there for me to help me with my trauma, he never made me feel like my trauma was a bother to him (as most other people did) and he did everything he could to help me with my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by witnessing the suicide of my father, and constant abuse from my family. Though I was weary of him for a long time, as I was with everyone I knew, he eventually helped me break down the wall I had built up to keep people away from me. His kind words and genuine want to help and be a support structure helped me through the countless issues that I had. Without his help and support, I would not have turned out as well as I have. Without his help, I would have gone down a dark path, I would more than likely have dropped out of high-school, probably run away from home, and perhaps even gotten myself killed. Now, I'm a high- school graduate going to college. I owe a lot of my growth and happiness to his never-ending support and guidance. The way he helped me was exactly what I needed from him; I didn't feel like I was his patient. Most of the time when he was helping me, we were just hanging out in his room, we would laugh and joke around. He made me feel secure, something that I was unfamiliar with at the time. He helped me learn to trust people and he helped me learn to deal with my problems in a healthy way, and he helped me stop my self-destruction, something I'm very, very thankful for. Thank you, Dave.

V. J.   

David MIller changed my life during a very hard time he supported all of my decisions and helped me choose the right direction for myself. I would not be who I am today if he did not help me accomplish my goals and listen to me when I needed it. He is a very caring, generous, and compassionate person who does anything he can to help the people around him. His approach of accepting who I was, where I was in my life and going from there was a method that I needed. My last therapist, treated me before like I needed to change who I was.

B. E.   

When it comes to helping others through their paths in life there is know one better at it than David. I met David when I began attending Humanex Academy. I didn't know it at the time, but my life was about to change in a big way. I had been heading down a dark lonely path full of drugs, alcohol, and generally self destructive behaviors when David intervened. I have to say I was not too pleased with him at the time. But it is because of him that my life changed for the better. And I am eternally grateful for the role he played in my life. When I am older and am looking back at my life I will always remember David because he was the catalyst for a major turning point for me and if it weren't for him I don't know where I would be. Thank you so much David for all the important work that you do. The world is a better place because you are in it!


I spent three years of my life getting to know David Miller, and he is one of the most genuine people I know. In a time in my life where things were just starting to get rough, I knew at least, in all the madness, with all the things that could possibly go wrong, that at least Dave would be there. It's been rough for me this past month due to the murder of my brother, who also knew Dave. In my panicked state, I messaged Dave asking for help in the situation. Not only was he very supportive and helpful daily throughout everything, but even came to the funeral to mourn with me. If I had ever known one of my ex-teachers would show their support the way Dave did, I might have liked school even more. Though David can't fix my hate of homework and everything it stands for, he fixed much more important things in my life. If I ever regretted meeting anyone, it was never, and will never be, David Miller. Thank you, Dave.

E. G.   

David Miller is easily one of the best in the field bar none. I have had the distinct pleasure of attending the same high school where David had been employed for three years. It is my honest opinion that there is no one better qualified for this undertaking then David Miller. Allow me to briefly explain my psychological history and my experiences to qualify the above statements.
From the age of six I was diagnosed with Obsessive Defiance Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. My early years were fraught with misbehavior that bordered on the criminal. I’m not exaggerating about this either, I would literally punch and bite adults impulsively when they interfered with me and I was quick to anger with my classmates. I was violent with other children and highly antisocial. I was easily distracted by anything and everything, I never had a lack of energy either. I couldn't focus on academics and I was always in a perpetual state of being punished.
I was failing out of school in the first grade because of my impulsive and aggressive behavior and my prognosis was bleak. A year later my parents had begun divorce proceedings and I had begun psychotherapy. I was put on medication for my ADHD and I was diagnosed a year later with clinical depression. For a year things got slightly better with medication. With the ability to focus the school found that I had an unbelievable aptitude for Math, Science, and Language Arts and I was put in advanced placement as a result.
At the end of that year I was expelled from my first school for bringing a letter opener to school and threatening other kids with it. My parents searched for schools for gifted children that could handle my needs yet I turned down nearly every school. My parents found the sister school to my first and that is the school I would attend until I was out of grade school. Like my first school I was put in advanced placement. I hopped from therapist to therapist and from medication to medication throughout middle school.
My middle school life was better than my elementary school, the medication would keep my aggression under control for the most part, yet it would drive my depression into more extreme states to the point of near total self-isolation. At my high points in middle school I one awards for academics and got decent grades (A’s and B’s). However, this didn’t last. I was expelled from my middle school for stabbing a classmate in the leg during class.
This is when I went to the high school where David was employed. I skipped a grade to high school as a result of my aptitude. While in that school I expected the same tired and played out lines that all therapists give. I expected false praise and some of the world’s worst acting imaginable. Thankfully, I was sadly mistaken. David didn’t pry, he didn’t force me to talk about things I didn’t want to, he didn’t praise me for no reason, and he didn’t pretend to care.
David did care, genuinely, no matter how bad things would get he would care enough to check-in and see what I needed to do about it. He let me make my own decisions, he gave me the time, attention, and ability to deal with my problems and would understand even in situations where I was aggressive with him. He took the time to understand me as a person and understand the problems I had and the problems I was facing. With David’s help I graduated high school a year early with a 3.8 GPA (the best GPA I have ever had), seven All American Scholar Awards, and I did it all while off of medication.
I was accepted to all four schools I applied to for college and received scholarships for all four as well. I currently attend the University of Denver on scholarship where I study Cognitive Neuroscience and maintain a 3.3 GPA. I plan on completing my medical doctorate at Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora and becoming a licensed clinical Psychiatrist. My future looks brighter than ever before and I can honestly say that I could not have done it without his help.

C. F.   

When I met David at the time i was emotionally stable, nothing was bothering me and so I talked to him more socially then therapy. But times became harder for me and David was able to help me. He was honest with me, told me personal issues from his life and really helped me connect with him. Never when talking to him did he make me feel any less than an equal. his ability to keep calm under any situation made talking come easier and made it hard to stay upset around him. I personally dislike talking to counselors but David made it worth it. He made me feel safe in what i said, and never judge me for doing or saying something, just look and help me find a way to fix it. out of anyone that might help you, he is the one you want. 5 out of 5

P. M.   

My brother died when I was just 13 years old. Traumatized by his suicide, The following year was one that lead down a dark and unfamiliar path. I felt as though the person I was, and the life I knew, had been taken with him in death. I had been abandoned to face my life alone without a single soul to understand me, or what I was feeling. I came to Humanex Academy the year he passed away to try to salvage my grades in school, as they too had seemed to lose their purpose. That is when I met David Miller. He was working as the school counselor there. For the first time since my brothers death, I felt as though somebody was truly reaching out to me. I spent a lot of time in David's office talking through my issues. While the damage my brother left behind was not cleaned up overnight, David never gave up on me. He has an amazing ability to meet a person exactly where they are, wherever that might be, and walk with them to a higher ground. David's most endearing quality is his humility. He doesn't try to drag you to where he thinks you should be in a book of answers. He helps you find your own light, within yourself, so that you know and believe you can shine again, even when you feel as if life circumstance has snuffed you out.


David helped my son heal and recover from some traumatic experiences. Shortly after, my son was stronger and gaining confidence, his old self-wounding habits were gradually fading, David gradually increased the goals and challenges, at a pace that students can adjust. Within a year, my son was healed, gaining a positive attitude towards life and learning. Within two years, he was excited about life again and cared about his future and wanted to study. David went further, and encouraged him to be even more self-sufficient. David made sure my son was responsible for his own school work and schedule. My son is now very happy, graduated college, and successful. He looks back on his high school days with warm feelings. He always talks about how David helped him become who he is today. David didn’t feed my son fish for a day, he taught my son to fish so that he could eat for a lifetime. That’s how I think of David and that he taught my son how to teach himself.

J. W.   

"I first met David Miller around the end of my 8th grade year. At that time, it would not have been too outlandish to call me a monster. When I first arrived at Humanex Academy, which is where David Miller worked as the School Counselor, I refused any sort of help, picked fights with everyone, and avoided all contact with people by hiding away in David’s office. That continued for the rest of my 8th grade year, as well as a good portion of my freshman year. I continuously got into physical confrontations, was suspended multiples times, and argued with all the teachers and a good deal of the students as well. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that a change started in me, and I began taking the advice David gave me. It was not only his words that helped me, but that fact that he was always there. Not just a person, but a presence, a willing force in my life, there to guide me to a better way of living. And no matter what dark path I followed, Dave opened a different door to a brighter tomorrow."


“I met Dave my sophomore year of high school and wasn’t at my best. I was in a really point in my life and it seemed like all had given up on me, except for Dave. He helped me through so much in high school, and pulled me out of some very dark places and for this I’m for ever grateful. I know I would not be where I am today with out him. Thank you Dave. I miss you!”


"David came into my life as the counselor at my high school and at a moment marked by the exceptional fragility, naivety, and insufferable arrogance that so often coincides with becoming a teenager. We all have that small list of people, like a father or close friend, whose influence is not marked by a moment, a phrase, or an anecdote but by something far vaguer and yet paradoxically more consequential. Their influence is defined by countless and seemingly small moments. The accumulation of these moments eventually comes to define part of who and what we are; an inscription on our very soul. It’s only ever obvious in retrospect, that is, once we’ve lived some life while the specter of their influence resides in us. We often reflect not on the moments we had with them, but they themselves, and ask “What would they think of me now? Would they be proud?” David is one of those rare figures in my life; one who’s consequence to me cannot be captured through short narrative or by principals alone because it’s far too big. I cannot imagine my journey toward adulthood without him, and I would not want to.
Who am I? Today, nearly a decade passed since high school, I can earnestly say that I am fundamentally happy. I’m a good friend, and an even better husband. I’m insatiably passionate in my work as the teacher, social activist, and scientist I never even dreamt nor hoped I could be. I’m respected and admired by my peers, unrelenting in my causes, and charitable to a fault. I’m loving, kind, and alive. Subtract David’s influence and I know the answer to the question would be different; I’d be much less than I am today. I’d be less happy, less alive, and less successful. He is one of those principal catalysts necessary in every potential I’ve fulfilled. I cannot thank David for any single success or strength of character I’ve acquired. Like a father or friend I can only thank him for every success and strength of character. I can only thank him for being there; for every seemingly inconsequential moment that’s made me who I am.”


“David Miller has unequivocally been one of the best and most important influences on my life. I came to Humanex after I was in a psychiatric hospital for bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The hospital helped, but I was still a pretty bad place. Dave and the other teachers at Humanex nurtured my confidence and my blooming passions for psychology and criminology. Dave was especially helpful on this front – he gave me personalized education on psychology and was full of advice and suggestions on how I could improve and diversify my knowledge. He helped me with college applications, and I was accepted to the University of Denver as well as awarded the Provost academic scholarship. I majored in psychology and criminology, and found that I was miles ahead of other students as a result of the personalized education I got from Humanex but Dave especially. I graduated a quarter early from DU on the Dean’s List with Distinction in Criminology. Mere words cannot express how important David Miller was in getting me to where I am today – I am eternally grateful, and he should be a top choice for anyone who needs help or guidance.”


“When David Miller and I first met I was thirteen years old. I had spent the previous three months traveling to every school, private and public alike, having meetings to see if I would be allowed to attend each institution. I had been “blacklisted”, every school I went to replied with some variation of the following, “we just don’t believe that our school would be a good fit for him”, with a public criminal record and misdemeanor drug charges homeschooling became a more and more real possibility for my future. On top of a consistent track record of drug and alcohol abuse, I had developed some suicidal tendencies, destructive and sometimes violent habits, a minor eating disorder, and worst of all the complete loss of hope. I was stuck in a dark place much like you read about in adventure novels and Greek tragedies where the hero has become shipwrecked and is lost at sea knowing his own grim fate. In my mind I was alone, my family did not understand, and my friends had vanished. My mind had become a prison cell, with each anti-depressant and tranquilizer I took a mark was etched on the wall, counting down my days. Then, as warming as a spring sunrise after a bitterly cold night I heard Dave’s voice, ” I understand, and I think we help each other.” After a period of time observing me continue in my self destructive ways David began to help me see a way out of the dark place I had become so accustomed to. He treated me as a good friend should, with empathy and respect, willingness to listen, and necessary objective honesty. The difference for me between David and a good friend is that he had an arsenal of experience and understanding along with his education that had been earned through his own struggles out harsh times. For the first time in my life someone truly knew the thoughts and emotions running through my head, and he didn’t try to fix me, rather he helped me gain control over my defects and enhance my assets. I am coming up on seven years sober in a little less than a month, I have attended a state university, I am currently furthering my education at a technical trade school, and most importantly I am happy with my life as each day passes. I can confidently say that without David’s help I would still be stuck in that terribly dark place. Now, each day of my life begins brightly, and although I may find strife along the way I now have the tools I need to work through anything in my path.”


“I met Dave halfway through my junior year of high school, and I will never regret it! Dave helped me through a lot of issues with my parents, trauma, depression and most of all he made me feel like I was worth something. I’m happy to say I am now a well adjusted adult on my way to a bright future, and I don’t think that could have been possible with the support and confidence Dave helped me achieve.
Thank you Dave!”


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