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Organizing your life

If you are struggling with organizing, first you must fine a way to help put your thoughts into action, some people thrive with a basic planner, others thrive with using their date book on their phone, but others need more.  For those that need more, I suggest you look into Tony Buzan’s book on mind […]

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right. Tony Robbins


The spring brings lots of sun and rain.  The up and down weather tends to make people a little moody.  Sometimes it even feels like you can tell a storm is coming by the way people are acting.


Part of mental health is having some form of a social life.  Connecting to people mentally, professionally and socially are important to create self esteem and a feeling of importance in life.


I hope you can learn to cherish life.  Appreciate what you have and be thankful for what comes your way.

Pet companion

When someone is struggling with life, think about getting them a pet companion.  The responsibility of adding a pet to someone’s life can give them a reason to change.  Having a reason to change can save your life.


I believe luck is created from ones positive thinking.  The more positive a person is the more luck they have.


Sometimes when you rehash your past, you realize how lucky you are in the present.


One key reason people end up increasing their anxiety is trust.  When your trust gets broken, your anxiety increases.  Any situation that is comparable to the trust issue increases the amount of anxiety you feel.  Anxiety in a way becomes a protector if you accept it an not fight it.  Think about the concept of […]


When we start to blame others for your problems, that’s when you know you feel stuck.  When you start to own your own problems is when you know you are on your way to a better mind set and thus, better mental health.

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