School’s are increasingly become breeding grounds for anxiety in our Children

The amount of violence happening in school seems to be increasing.  The amount of times I have been called this year about possible threats to my kids schools or surrounding schools is rising at an alarming rate.  Our kids are being pushed to attend environments that the adults in that world are suppose to keep safe.  Yet, we get calls about constant threats.  Some may think this is a joke, but my kids school actually set up counseling spots to help the kids deal with this new anxiety.  Instead of the normal worries of did I pass my test, the kids are saying goodbye and wondering whether they will survive the day with out being killed or violated.  I feel there will be an increase of home schooling in the future and I believe if families could survive on one income they would take this option.  I wish I had the ability to figure out the solution to a very real problem out public school system has to deal with.  In the mean time, I hope each family works on teaching coping mechanisms for anxiety.

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