Resolutions as a tool

Think about putting down your resolutions for the year.  As you do this think about why you put this down.  Most resolutions are about change and things you aren’t happy with in your life and in your self.  Remembering you are the only one who can change yourself and you don’t have the power to change others.  Then sit back and think about why you put what you put down.  Ask yourself these questions!  Is this something that you truly want to commit to?  Is this something that is truly achievable?  Is this something that you and you only have the control over?  If, so, why haven’t you made this change before?  If you make this change why will you be happier?  If you are not successful will you be OK with dealing with the disappointment if you fail?  Beware with every change you think will be positive, will also have the negative’s attached.  Good luck and have a happy new year.

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