Pulling Heart Strings

Inner pain, the kind of pain caused by life.  Pain you can’t see, pain that is hidden some times so deep you forget about it.  It’s like a hidden monster that can come out at any time, especially when you don’t want to have it come out.  I call this the pulling of our heart strings.  I remember distinctly about a time when I was watching Cal Ripkin break the Iron man record.  I was in the middle of dinner at a nice restaurant  and I started crying.  I didn’t understand it, until later that night I remembered having a conversation with my dad about how Cal Ripkin was one of his favorite players and how he couldn’t wait to see him break this record.  This moment in time pulled at one of my heart strings and it opened a whole new set of feelings I never knew existed.  You see my dad died a few years earlier, I was still in the grieving process.  Part of my counseling is to help you pull your heart strings and release some of those hidden feelings that sometimes stop you from progressing in life.

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