In search for meaning in one’s life

Victor Frankl had a great idea, give yourself meaning and you can survive.  When I work with a client, I have found if I can direct that client in a direction that gives them meaning, they can then move toward a new life.  The ones that I feel get stuck are the ones that like being stuck.  I call this the sitting in your own sh*t syndrome.  Sometimes sitting in your own sh*t can be very comforting.  However, you find your self stuck, feeling the same as you did when you started counseling.  However, the amount of energy it takes to get unstuck can be too overwhelming for the client.  That’s where creating a new meaning comes in.  Once you have got them committed to a new meaning, they get unstuck and they move forward with their life.  In most cases, when things get tough, they find themselves right back where they were, but this time, just by reminding them of their new meaning, they tend to get unstuck quicker.

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